Charity Pig Races 2019 Mooloolah Valley Country Club

Brilliant community fun and support!

EndEd was the charity at the cause of this Charity Pig Races Day at Mooloolah Valley Country Club on March 16, and the Mooloolah Community really got behind this local eating disorders retreat! Thank you Mooloolah Valley for your generousity and sense of community.  Together we raised $5,500, and even more awareness for this great cause.

Everyone had fun, including the little piggies!

Truly, these pigs were so happy, well fed, excited to be doing their thing, and so well trained! The little piggy tails were wiggling just as excitedly as the crowd!
When the racing bugles sounded, they shot around to the gate ready to get into the pen and get ready to run the course to their food reward waiting at the end!